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Stunt Coordinator 

Stunt coordinators are responsible for overseeing all aspects of performances that require highly specialized skills like diving, auto racing, martial arts, climbing, jumping and more. They must assist in creating a budget, choreographing stunt sequences, selecting appropriate tools and equipment that need to be used during stunts, casting the right stunt actors who possess the physical capacity and skill level to perform different types of stunts, and ensuring that all precautions are taken to keep cast and crew safe.


Stunt Rigging

Stunt Rigging is the art of making people fly through the air, slide on the ground, float in space, fly like Superman, get smashed into things without harm and display superhuman strength. 

Stunt Performance

A stunt performer, often referred to as a stuntman or stuntwoman, is a trained professional who performs daring acts, combat scenes, big jumps, high falls or other action scenes requiring skill and have an element of danger. Stunt performers usually appear in films or on television. Either as in their own role as an extra or in place of the actor, known as stunt doubling.



Stunt & Precision driving

Stunt driving is often performing jumps, crashes and daring stunts with a motorised vehicle. Normally performed by a stunt performer. While precision driving normally require a much higher skill of the driver performing the scene. And sometimes even require world class operators within their field such as, racing, motocross, FMX, ATV, jetski, motor sled or other. 


We work closely with the production team to plan, assess risk and co-ordinate action sequences, complex driving routines and multi car chases


Fight Choreography

Fight choreography or stage combat is a specialised technique designed to create the illusion of physical combat without causing harm to the performers. They plan and design the fighting sequences after the directors wishes and make sure they look real and are captivating on screen.  


Camera vehicle operator

The camera car operator needs high driving skills and an understanding of how to get the best shots. It is a different job from precision driving as the focus is more on placement and security for everyone. 

We have a camera car ready with different camera set ups available, also including an Radical Arm , Black arm with a fully professional camera/sound crew. 


Fire stunts & safety

Fire stunts always look awesome and exciting and add the "danger factor" to any scene.

For these scenes, especially if the actor performed themselves, it is crucial to have the correct safety measures and the experience when dealing with fire. We handle all types of fire stunts and and safety for everyone on set. 


Water safety

Stunts and scenes in water have an extra element of risk, especially cold water. It is crucial to provide the correct safety and experience for these scenes. We provide divers, lifeguards, first-responders and experienced performers as well as the necessary equipment. 




When you need ideas and inspiration for your production and are not sure of how it will look, we can assist in putting together different forms of previsualizations as well as giving our ideas for stunts and angles. 

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