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The Radical

The RADICAL features a 4.3 meter arm capable of positioning the camera at any position around the vehicle.

The RADICAL handles off-road, heavy rain, and extreme temperatures. The arm features active gyro stabilization and adjustable passive 3-axis nose dampening to isolate the head and camera package for image stabilization. The upgraded INS-2 system makes the tilt arm even more stable. IP65 rated.

The RADICAL mounts to cars, trucks, UTV’s, boats and custom rigs via TÜV-Certified 2" Speed Rail clamps. Our Suction Speed Rail Kit creates a temporary speed rail grid anywhere you need it.

We have monitors for all passengers and an internal intercom system for clear communication on the road.

  • max payload: 25 kg

  • length from fulcrum: 4.3m / 3.6m / 2.7m

  • gimbals: Shotover G1, Flighthead mini 3, Ronin 2, Movi Pro, Movi XL

  • Weight unloaded: 86kg

  • Monitors: 4 monitor ready

  • Rotations: 360° continuous pan

  • set-up time chase car: 1.5 hours

  • set-up time rental car: 2.5 hours

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